Thursday, February 18, 2021

New Music Releases: Kenney Polson, Lowell Hopper, Ron King

Kenney Polson – Colors Of Brazil

Veteran jazz saxophonist Kenney Polson was born in Kansas City and lives in the Pacific Northwest, but the wild, bustling Carnival joy emanating from his horn and a sizzling array  of exotic grooves and international instruments on “Colors Of Brazil” pay homage to the five formative years he spent living and performing in the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio.

Alternating between the rhythms of excitement and romantic, balmy bossa nova, Polson’s deeper global vision as a well-traveled musical citizen of the world includes stellar guest performances by guitarist Leni Stern, harpist Mariea Antoinette and koto greats Osamu Kitajima and Mitsuki Dazai.


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