Album:  Colors of Brazil

Artist:  Kenney Polson

Label:  Rosetta Records


Exotic, playful and romantic, the music of saxophonist-composer-arranger Kenney Polson is entirely uplifting.  His latest release Colors of Brazil brings the merriment of Latin rhythms to audiences.  Working with a fleet of musicians that play as one, Polson makes composing, arranging and performing look easy and effortless.

Polson’s own contribution “Hipnotizado” seams the sparkling twinkles of Mariea Antoinette’s harp tucked into the melodic crevices, adding an ethereal texture to the bubbly toots of the horns performed by Bidinho on trumpet, Paulinho Trompete on trumpet, Marcello Martins on tenor saxophone, and Vittor Santos on trombone.  Drummer Christian Oyens, bassist Nico Assumpção, and percussionist Cidinho Moreira provide a solid support in the rhythm section, boosting the festive mood.  Intensifying the party vibe, Polson’s reworking of Duke Ellington’s seminal piece “Caravana” is a montage of moonlight glitter, clad in exotic flavors postured by a salsa beat as his own alto saxophone helms the jovial ambience.

A mosaic of soft prismatic shades glint across Polson’s reimagining of Djavan’s “Flor de Lis,” corded in the sensual phrasing of his saxophone and the shimmery tones of Dani Cortaza’s guitar riffs, emitting a romantic luster.  Jazz-style motifs are integrated with island-imbued accents through “Mariana,” a seaside soundscape written by Polson’s bass player on the track Nico AssumpÇão.  Caribbean-style bells and vibraphone chimes, performed by Polson, cascade and undulate with a soothing caress along “Leva e Traz,” penned by Iva Lins, Vitor Martins.  The music entices listeners to lift their feet off the ground.

Having spent his formative years in Rio de Janeiro, Polson infuses a large chuck of his upbringing into his music on Colors of Brazil.  Coalescing the Latin rhythms of samba, partido alto, salsa, and afoxé, Polson partners the Brazilian soundscapes of his youth with smooth jazz and contemporary world music idioms.  The result is music that is uplifting, exuding merriment from every pore.


Kenney Polson – saxophones, clarinets, bells and additional percussion

Koto – Dr. Osamu Kitajima and Mitsuki Dazai 

Guitar – Dan Balmer, Tom Lagana, Leni Stern, Alessandre Carvalho, Dani Cortaza, and Paulo Erdos

Keyboards – Todd Simon, Michael Severson, Federico Pena, Marinho Boffa, and Dario Galente 

Piano – Deems Tsutakawa and Federico Pena 

Bass – Leonardo Lucini, Nico Assumpção, and Fernando Rosa 

Drums – Alejandro Lucini, Christian Oyens, and Elcio Cafaro 

Percussion – Chuk Barber and Cidinho Moreira 

Trumpet – Noah Simpson, Bidinho, and Paulinho Trompete 

Trombone – Kyle Molitor and Vittor Santos 

Vocals – Azure McCall (Scat Solo) and Arrieta Ward

Harp – Mariea Antoinette

Tenor Saxophone – Marcello Martins


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